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FinalSlossSiteMap (1).png

1. Main Entry Gate

Open regular site hours, Tuesday-Saturday, 10:00AM-3:30PM

2. Visitor’s Center

Registration, Panels & Presentations, Exhibitions

3. Shed No. 2

Workshops, Production Pour, Guest Furnaces

4. Shed No. 1

Opening Performance, Closing Ceremony, Keynote Speech

5. Spray Pond

Demonstrations, Food Trucks

6. Old Visitor’s Center

Quiet Room, Exhibitions

7. Water Tower

Opening Reception

8. Powerhouse

Panels & Presentations, Steering Committee Exhibition

9. Shell Room


10. Viaduct

Guest Furnaces, Workshops, Student Cupola Contest

11. Field

Camping, Parking, Closing Performances

12. Field Gate

Open after-hours. Tuesday-Saturday, 3:30PM-10:00AM. All day Sunday and Monday.

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