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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm bringing a mold! What do I do?

You will be asked to include any mold information during the registration process, but we understand that you may not know or plans may change after registering. Once you know what your mold will be made out of (resin sand, shell, etc.) and how much iron you will need, please email us at This helps us immensely with planning and preparing mold lines. 

You must pay for the iron you take with you. Iron is $0.50/lb. and we will have a weigh out station available. More information on this is coming soon! 

How much is iron? Sand?

You will need to pay for the iron you take with you. Iron is $0.50/lb, and sand is $0.75/lb. You may cut off your gating and return it to the iron pile if you are able and have the time, but you must weigh and pay for any iron you take. Workshops have limitations on mold sizes, so please email us at if you have questions regarding your patterns. More information on weigh out procedures is coming soon. 

Where can I find tools and equipment? Do I need to bring my own?

Some tools and equipment will be provided by Sloss, but it is never a bad idea to have your own. If you choose to bring your own tools, please understand that it is "at your own risk". Make sure you pay attention to them and do not leave them out. Sloss will provide things like flask materials, drills, and core wash for those registered for classes. If you are not participating in a workshop, please consider bringing your own. If you need to borrow anything from Sloss, please ask a member of the steering committee or Sloss staff.

Is there a Lost and Found?

Missing something? Found items will be brought to the Visitor's Center. Please check with the front desk to claim lost items. If you stumble upon lost items, please bring them to the front desk of the Visitor's Center. 


Where can I get food? Beer? Groceries?

  • Piggly Wiggly – Clairmont Avenue – grocery store, 1 mile from Sloss

  • Walmart – 1600 Montclair Rd. – 5 miles from Sloss

  • Back Forty Beer Co. – Across the street. Excellent food, large beer selection

  • Avondale – 1.25 miles from Sloss - Neat neighborhood with many different food optionsincluding SAW’s Soul Kitchen, Post Office Pies, Avondale Brewing Company, and Domestique Coffee. Also has several gas stations.

  • Five Points South – 2.25 miles from Sloss – Neighborhood with a large selection of different food options Including vegan, pizza, BBQ, Thai, and Indian food.

  • Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint – 1 mile from Sloss – Bar food, located near Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, Los Amigos Mexican, and several other food options

  • Slutty Vegan – 3 miles from Sloss – nearby vegan food option

Is there anywhere to get consumables? Will they be provided?

Sloss will have a limited amount of consumables available to those who are taking workshops. We highly encourage you to bring your own if you are able. Nearby hardware stores are:

Can I camp? Where can I camp?

Absolutely! Camping is available in the field during the conference. Please see the rules provided on the website. You must camp in the designated camping area, located in the field on the opposite side of the viaduct from the #1 Casting Shed. 


Will there be showers provided?

We will be providing shower trailers onsite for conference attendees. If you choose to use these, please come prepared with your own towel, shampoo/soap, etc.

Sculptors can get dirty, so please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself and be kind to the shower trailers and your fellow conference attendees.


Will there be security during the conference?

There will be on-site security during the conference. There will be security guards during the

evening who will have access to the gates and monitor the property. Please be prepared to show your wristband, parking permit, or conference registration to security if asked.


If I am camping, what should I do in case of inclement weather or emergency?

Spring is always a tumultuous time for the weather in Alabama. In case of inclement

Weather during the conference, take shelter in one of the structures or historic stock tunnel at Sloss. Do not

stay in the open.  We will send a SMS Text announcement if there is inclement weather or any emergency.

Please review our Inclement Weather and Emergency Procedures page for more information.


If there is another emergency during the conference, please immediately contact a steering committee member, Sloss staff, or security personnel.


Can I leave the campsite at night?

You will be able to leave and come back during all hours. After the museum site has closed to the public, there will be security guards at the field gate to let conference participants come and go. Please be sure to take your wrist band with you when you leave to show the security guard when you return.


Where can I find lodgings in Birmingham?

AirBNB is always a great place to start.

The Holiday Inn Express Birmingham-Irondale is a popular hotel for the conference.


When can I work during the conference?

The foundry will open at 8:00AM and close at 7:00PM during the conference. Please

check with a steering committee member or Sloss staff if you need space, materials,

tools, or equipment to work.


Is there a way for me to get coke while I am in Birmingham?

We are working with ABC coke to put together guidelines for acquiring coke. If you are intending on picking up coke during the conference, please email

ABC Coke has asked that anyone wishing to pick up coke does not show up at ABC without prior arrangements.

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