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The Iron Futures Conference and Travel Scholarship

The Iron Futures Conference and Travel Scholarship provides financial support for artists and students from marginalized populations who wish to attend and participate in the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practice (NCCCIAP).

"Marginalized population" is a broad term that encompasses groups and communities that experience discrimination or exclusion from social, economic, cultural, and/or political life based on cultural identity or difference. Factors include, but not limited to age, race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, physical abilities, cognitive abilities, nationality, immigration status, conviction history, or a combination of these factors. Applicants do not need prior experience in metal casting.

Review Process & Timeline
A diverse committee from SLOSS Metal Arts and community members will review applications and determine recipients based on need, and distribution of available funds for the greatest impact. Awards will be made directly to individuals. Application materials will be kept private; no information will not be shared outside the Iron Futures review committee. 

December 28th, 2022       Call goes out

February 3rd, 2023             Applications Deadline is 11:59pm
February 10th, 2023           Notification of awarded scholarships


Conference Fee Scholarship

The National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices (NCCCIAP) understands that
many artists have been affected monetarily by the pandemic, economic loss, and high living expenses.
Therefore, based on need, we offer a limited number of Conference Fee Scholarships to students and
professionals who have fallen on hard times and want to attend the 2023 conference.

Please send a brief Bio, and tell us about yourself, along with a 150-word minimum statement of need by

February 14, 2023, to, and we will see how we can help.

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