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January 2, 1981 - November 3, 2018





















For as long as anyone can remember, Casey had a love for fire. Born with natural artistic talent, he went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts at University of West Georgia in 2004. He completed his education with a Master of Fine Arts with focus in Sculpture at Kansas State University in 2007. Although gifted in all mediums, sculpting and casting definitely became his driving force. Beyond his zeal for his craft and his art, he had immense passion for teaching. He spent time at Kansas State, Bowling Green University, and University of West Georgia as assistant professor, as visiting artist and lecturer at Syracuse University, University of Northern Arizona, Carrie Furnaces at Carnegie Mellon, Bullpen Foundry, 555, Sentinel Iron Works, and attended many national and international iron conferences. Though most who knew him know he was an iron god, they also knew he had a softer side that warmed everyone’s heart. He was a kind and loving father, friend, son, and brother. His smile was brightest when he was with the ones he loved. Despite being tough, he was one of the most gentle men you will ever know. He was generous with his time, his talent, and his wisdom and loved imparting his knowledge and love of his craft. A mercurial man of intensity, he burned brightly and left his mark on all who knew and loved him.

Master Sculptor. Mold Maker. Visionary. Educator.


Special thanks to Dana Jones for images and words.


Casey’s last three castings appear for exhibition courtesy of Ed Parrish, Jr.

Learn more on Facebook at Casey Westbrook Memorial Pour and Exhibition

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