The National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices showcases the skills and innovations of individual artists, groups, and industry professionals who operate their furnaces during the conference. There are two opportunities for guest furnaces; the first is as a production furnace for the conference and the second is as a guest furnace bringing and pouring their own molds. It is highly educational and important to have furnaces of different types running at the conference.


Check out these guest furnaces and crews! See info on Guest Molds...


14" cupolette

Alex Townsend

University of Southern Mississippi

Gov I

14" cupolette

Desmond Lewis

Austin Peay State University

ACU Cupolette

16" cupolette

Geoff Broderick

Abilene Christian University, Baylor University, and Texas A&M - Corpus Christi


10" cupola

Seth Thibodaux

University of Mississippi

Tommy Joe

15" cupola

Ivan Berejkoff

The Crucible

In tribute, Ivan and crew run this furnace that belonged to Erik Johnson, Sloss Artist in Residence in the 1990’s. Tommy Joe was donated to Sloss in 2017 in honor of its creator.


18" cupola

Jeremy Colbert

University of Kentucky

Continuous Stainless

16" continuous cupola

Kevin Shunn

University of West Georgia


16" cupola

Sara Allen & Alumni

Massachusetts College of Art & Design

Fe Nix

17" cupolette

Tripp Jarvis

Liberty Arts & East Carolina University Alumni

Chili Dog

18" cupolette

Michael Williams

Nicholls State University

  • All guest furnaces should be self-sufficient! Bring: ladles, torch, tools, mud, good mojo, awesome crew, functional safety equipment, and anything else you may require to succeed.

  • 110V electricity, propane, and forklift will be provided

  • Production furnaces must have a minimum 16” ID

  • All styles of furnaces accepted (cupola, cupolette, continuous, intermittent, alternative)

Guest Molds

Please preregister your mold(s) online starting March 1 or when you arrive at the conference with our Mold Master Crew!

ALL PARTICIPANTS are responsible for the cost of iron IN ADDITION TO REGISTRATION as follows, unless you are enrolled in a workshop, except Large Mold:

≤ 20 pounds  = $20  

21-50 pounds = $40 

50-100 pounds  = $60

>100 pounds by actual weight X $.50/lb

Please arrive with molds ready to pour, except gluing of cups.

Furnace masters and conference attendees, PLEASE LEAVE YOUR IRON AT HOME. Sloss has the most succulent, juicy, melt-in-your-furnace iron EVER, plus we have the finest Birmingham crafted coke and propane for each furnace.


Each participant who has a casting poured pays a flat rate by weight for materials that includes iron, coke, and propane costs. Fees are paid through our Mold Master Crew, and it’s a great deal!! That means Guest Furnace masters get to run high quality metal on site with hotter-than-the-devil coke and save on transportation costs!! 


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