Guest Furnaces


National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art & Practices

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark
Birmingham, Alabama
March 31 - April 3, 2021

Due to the current pandemic, the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices (NCCCIAP) will be held virtually in 2021, but we look forward to supplementing and deepening these remote sessions around our 2021 theme, Lived Histories/Imagined Futures.  As a guiding framework for engaging the lived histories and future possibilities of cast iron, we will draw from our shared archive, the Pig Iron Rough Notes, and we will produce a new volume of the Rough Notes with contributions from conference participants. 

The Steering Committee for the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices would like to invite all artists, professionals, and groups to show off their furnaces during the 2021 online conference. That’s right! We’ve made the tough decision to offer the conference digitally for ’21. 

For Guest Furnaces we are going to need something new this year… VIDEO! If you are selected to be a guest furnace for the 2021 Conference, we will ask that you send us video of your furnace in action! We will edit this footage down into a short “Furnace Side Chat” episode about your furnace and crew to distribute to the conference patrons. We will ask for a separate audio file as well, of you or your team talking about why your furnace is so cool, why you designed it a certain way, and why you wanted to submit it to SLOSS for the conference. We will handle the editing. This video will become part of the 2021 Conference Content as well as being entered into the NCCIAP archives for future attendees to enjoy!




Here’s what we’re looking for:


  • A video of your furnace in action! This can be new or recent content and can be submitted to us in raw footage or in a semi-edited form. We’re looking for high quality video of the setup, the pour, and dropping bottom (or however you shut down your furnace) to splice together a short action reel on your furnace. 

  • You and/or your crew talking about the furnace. This will be a separate file, video or audio. You can include background info about the furnace/crew/builder, some of the highlights or technical aspects of the design (get nerdy, we all love that stuff here!), and share any “Sloss stories” such as what effects the conference/place has had on you, how it informs the particular furnace, etc.

  • Details! Please give us the furnace specs via the form below so that we can include them in the episode about your furnace.

  • We’re going to be looking for mpeg4 files at 1080p or better. Contact us early if you’d like to participate and would like to figure out the details with us on an individual basis.


SUBMISSIONS DUE: ASAP! Deadline for application is 12/01/2020 - Please note that your finished video content is not due at this time. If selected, you will work with the steering committee to finalize your proposal for the 2021 virtual conference.

Notification of acceptance will be no later than 1/1/2021 

If accepted, we will be looking for video content by 2/15/2021


Please send this form in ASAP and we will be providing the means and space to upload your files.


Please fill out the form and send submissions to:

Alex “Al” Johnson and Waylon Bigsby @

OR fill out our nifty Google Form: HERE




OR fill out our nifty Google Form: Here


School/University, Group, Individual                                                                                                                                         ____________________________________________

Address                                     ___________________

Primary Contact Name                                     ___________________

Phone_____________________________ Email___________________________________

Furnace Name __________________________________________

Furnace Type (circle one)     cupola          cupolette

Tap Style (circle one)     continuous          intermittent

Interior Diameter of Furnace ____________

Number of Tuyeres ____________

Tap Size  (in pounds) ____________ Yield per hour _____________

Approximate number of pours with furnace  ________

Average Run Time ___________________

Other details ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                                    

Please also consider including any educational/supplemental material (your organization’s logo, images etc., informative files about your furnace design w/drawings, marketing for your graduate program) that we might include as part of the presentation. We know you’re all kinds of awesome and we want you to show everyone who takes part in the conference!

For questions, please contact: 

Alex “Al” Johnson & Waylon Bigsby at

More information about the NCCCIAP is available online: