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Cyanotype Photograms


Alexandra Rose, Sloss Metal Arts

In this alternative photographic process, we will use water, sunlight, and iron compounds to make magic happen before your eyes - in the Magic City! The cyanotype process utilizes two iron-based chemicals; ferric ammonium citrate and potassium ferricyanide. During this demonstration, we will create photograms, images made without a camera, with personal or found objects. We will go over the emulsion mixing and coating processes, contact printing through UV exposure, water development, rapid oxidation, and finally, discuss ways to tone and alter the prints.

Ductile Iron


Luke Dix, Profound Alloys

Charles Logan, The Metal Museum, M & N Alloy

Ductile Iron was first made in 1943 by treating a low sulfur containing iron with Magnesium. The magnesium treatment changes the shape of the graphite in the iron from flakes to nodules. This change in graphite shape brings with it a drastic change in mechanical properties. Ductile iron can exhibit physical properties that rival some steels. In this demonstration we will over-treat a high sulfur cupola base iron with Magnesium in an effort to make ductile iron.

The Brand Library


Brighton McCormick, McCormick Sculpture and the Chicago Ave Fire Arts Center

The Brand Library (TBL) is an ever growing collection of cast metal brands. This participatroy demonstration will exhibit the current collection as well as invite artists to submit a design to be fabricated and cast onsite. Selected artists will recieve a copy of their brand in exchange for their design. The objective of this project is to create an archive of images from artists across the country which can be thought of as sculptural printmaking. Processes used include pattern making of 2D designs, handle forging, and casting with an inclusion. For more information please visit

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